Reservation Rules

  1. In order to make your tennis/pickleball experience at Hunter's Ridge Country Club as enjoyable as possible, please review the rules. Tennis/pickleball courts are for the private use of Members and their invited Guests and are not open to the public. Outside guests will pay a nominal fee of $2.00.

    To establish a tennis court account, email an administrator - Peg Long at or call 847-420-1189.  Please understand, we cannot provide computer tech support.

    The earliest a sign-up can be made is 60 days in advance of your reservation time. Your court will be reserved in your name by court number and limited to 120 minutes. One Member per court must be playing on the court. Each member must make his/her own reservation.  (Exception is for a non-playing member to make a reservation for out-of-town guests/family members when residing with member.) Individuals renting a property will be considered a Member for playing purposes. An individual may not sign up for back-to-back reservations, nor more than one reservation per time slot.

    The Member must give guests' names to the gatehouse.  All guests must give Member's name they are playing with and provide picture ID to the gatehouse. 

    Reserved courts are held for 10 minutes and then become available for walk-ons on a first come first served basis, no signup required.

    Make sure you play on your assigned court.  If your assigned court becomes unplayable (water on surface, fallen limbs, etc) and there are no open courts, you must forfeit your playing time.

    Make sure you cancel your reservation if you are not going to use it.  You can only cancel your own reservation.